Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The End of a Process and a New Beginning

Just a brief note tonight after watching the election results come in at Los Arcos. I want to thank all on both sides for their involvement in the process. It was an extraordinary turnout. Based on Alex’s number of 20,262 potential PC voters, the last update on the county site shows 7,260 of us went to the polls. That is an amazing 38% turnout!

The results are in. We are officially going to become a city. It is an end to one process.

But we have a new beginning. First, it is time for both sides to come together and begin the healing process. I will ask those who voted YES to reach out to your friends who voted NO. We are a community, all of us together. And together we will work together to make things even better! I hope those on the NO side will also reach out. We need you.

The message on your blog spot tonight was powerful, positive and thoughtful. “To have a truly vibrant and cohesive community, the new leaders will need to work to bring that value without the usual costs, bureaucracy, and other trappings of government many are so disenfranchised with.” We are in complete agreement with this thought and welcome your assistance in bringing our new city to life.

Because this is a new beginning. The next step will be the election of the Mayor and City Council in March. All voices will need to be heard in this process. All voices will be welcome in this process. I look forward to working together with everyone in moving our city forward. I look forward to seeing Paul Duke’s dream of cityhood for Peachtree Corners realized.

Thanks to everyone who actively participated in this process. The next few years will be very exciting!